Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dude, fuck Public Policy. I'm staying home.

So our computer lab on campus (the library one, anyway), is set up such that most computers are pretty central. I was working on one that was at a seperate table, near the printers. These are student use as well, but I think people have some block in their heads about them, because they are standalone. They must think they're faculty or admin use, because people kept asking me questions relating to printing and stuff when I was there. If it happens again, I'm totally going to make shit up and screw with them.
"Uh, yeah, those set of computers print out in the SOC building (10 min. walk away). Sorry."
"Hm, sometimes you have to put in your phone number before the document will print. Here, give it to me and I'll put it in for you."

People are saying my Bulls could bring down the BCS. The logic is that if South Florida win out (including our last game against West Virginia, shaping up to be the Big East Championchip game) they will go to the Sugar Bowl to face the SEC (and NOT the Gators. I was a Gator before a Bull, and still root for them behind the Bulls, so that amuses me to no end). The fact that such a young upstart with a limited fan base as the Bulls would be getting a bowl game, some say, is enough to bring the house of cards down.

I say, bring it on.

The BCS is a flawed and ridiculous system of measuring performance and ability, and it sucks the cock of media darlings such as USC and Notre Dame. Yeah, they're both good, but they're not the be all and end all. A playoff system would be a much better way to decide the Champion. And its not like the bowl system will go away; I'm sure with this much money at stake (if USF gets a bowl bid, the payday could be 14 million, win or lose. We spend about 7 on our ENTIRE athletic program), the Powers That Be will be able to incorporate it.

I am so burned out with college it's ridiculous. Wait, let me rephrase. I am so burned out with college WORK it's ridiculous. I just don't care anymore. This doesn't bode well, because I need to start applying for law schools sometime soon. But we'll see.

Oh and Michigan State School of Law has sent me an ASSLOAD of brochures. I hope they're as serious about paying for me to go there as they are about trying to get me to show up. Cause that would be super.


Blogger Drie said...

Idiots deserved to be messed with, Otherwise they'll never learn and it won't be amusing for the rest of us, so I say "Go Ahead!!!!!Fuck with the morons when they ask obvious questions about the printers!"

1:21 AM  

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