Monday, October 17, 2005

I'm totally rushing Broke Phi Broke in the spring. Even if I am white.

I'm currently sitting in the computer lab--sorry, "Information Commons"--in the library on campus, filling out a student loan application. I tried to do it through the school, but they said I was only eligible for $80/ semester. Yes, you read that right. Eighty goddamn dollars. Per semester. Now granted, this is because I recieve mucho dinero to cover tuition, books, etc., but still. Why even offer $80 as a loan? You'd think at that amount, they'd just be like "ah, hell, here ya go. Get hammerd on us." So now I get to borrow privately, and given my shitty credit, I will know the joys of high interest rates down the road. All I know is, they better have a deferrment deal so I dont have to start paying in Law School. Because that would suck. The money I'll be borrowing then will be needed for, y'know, law school (read- enormous bar tabs/ gambling debts in either Charlottesville, Gainesville, or St. Petersburg).

I might not necessarily need the money, if it weren't for the other debts in my life; namely, car insurance (for some reason Geico is pissed that I've gotten seven tickets, totalled one car, and rear-ended a BMW with another. Buncha assholes...), gas for a 1.5 hour commute every day (I vote we invade Canada and just take their oil. But Haliburton probably has it all already, and just wastes it like Malcolm McDowell's character in Tank Girl does with water), and day-to-day shit (Jager bombs can get pricey. And I was somewhere the other day, and had to pay TWELVE GODDAMN DOLLARS for a double SoCo and Coke. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!?!?!?)

But man, when I get the money, I'm gonna party like the SATs- hard, and with minors.

I've just noticed the propensity of people walking around, waiting for someone to leave, while Im just sitting here, screwing around (by this point). I'm hoping one of them will ask if I'm about to leave, at which point I'll say "Yeah," then just sit around for another 10 to 15. That will make me giddy, like when my hispanic friend Whody refuses to talk Spanish to tables at the restaraunt (or Straunt, as I like to call it.) The last time that happened, I actually jumped up and down, pumping my fists in the air. I dropped change outta my pocket. I don't know why I love that, but I do. Maybe it's because its so entirely frustrating to take care of a table of four who can't effectively communicate with me. But I digress.

I had some other stuff to say, but I tried saving the draft earlier and it didnt work. So this will have to do. Although I do love ending shit with random quotes, so here goes-

Ian-So this chick thinks she might have mono.
Bishop (without skipping a beat)- Can you get mono through your dick?


Blogger Lulu said...

Damn gecko. What does he know about driving?

5:29 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

I just dont know how he slithered his way to the top of the insurance industry., that was bad.

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Drie said...

Twelve dollars for a drink? WTF?!
I just can't get past that. it would cost you like $80 if you wanted to get hammered. Next time you go there, hit on an ugly chick and maybe she'll buy your drinks.

11:00 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

This is true. I shouldnt drink at overpriced chain places though, so i guess its really my fault.

10:06 AM  

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