Tuesday, November 01, 2005

TKO Tuesday

Who would win in an all-out, to-the-death Ultimate Fighting Match, The Dali Lama or Ghandi? Both are alive and of comprable age at the time of the Brawl in Nepal, and victory means freedom for their people.


Anonymous The Hoodoo King said...

I'm putting my money on the Dalai Lama. Not only is he from the same mountain regions as the gurkhas (Ghandi is from the Gujarat lowlands on the other side of India, also known as the birthplace of Hector), but the monks under the leadership of the Dalai Lamas are some tough fuckers. Yes, they got beat by the Chinese Army, by they've put up with some horrific stuff, like tasers being discharged in their mouths.

He also seems to have a far greater sense of humor than Ghandi. Look at those pictures. Ghandi is smiling because his picture is being taken. The Dalai Lama's being caught laughing his ass off at a Jesus joke.

Furthermore, the Dalai Lama will be reincarnated. In the unlikely event that the pacifist Ghandi kills the Dalai Lama, then they just look for the 15th incarnation, who can then grow up to break Ghandi like an Epcot churro.

One wonders if this is even a contest.

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