Thursday, December 08, 2005


We are now approaching the final hours of the semester. My thesis is no closer to being done, and I have to write about 60 pages before next Friday. So that will be fun. Also, I found out I can't get my business minor because they wont let me take a class and its pre-req at the same time, so my schedule next semester will be easy as Dave's sister. But I digress...

So it's Christmas time, which means consumerism is in full swing. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE December, its my favorite month. Aside from my dad's complaints that Jesus is stealing his limelight (he was born on the 25th), my birthday on the 12th, then Christmas, New Years, AND its cold outside. And I like Christmas, even though I have to work a double at the Ale House this year. The spirit of giving and togetherness that Christmas is supposed to be about is a beautiful thing, and as long as that is kept in mind, you can just laugh at these crazy fucknuts stabbing each other for electronics equipment. All I asked for for Christmas was a bowl ticket to the Meineke Car Care Bowl in North Carolina December 31st. USF's first bowl game, baby. I'm psyched.

I do feel, however, we should return it to the Druidic Winter Solstice Celebration, and celebrate Jesus' birth when it should be celebrated (early fall). Because I am sick to death of these people who claim Christmas is "under attack." You know what, assholes? Christmas got away from you a long time ago. Jesus was not cool with consumerism and money changing and ill will towards your fellow man. So just do us all a favor and shut the fuck up. Its Happy Holidays now, get used to it.

Oh, and because its been a decade since I did a TKO, who would design and build a better dog house: Henry Kissinger or Karl Rove?


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